A Dentists Role in Your Health.

Everyone remembers their first loose tooth. You can recall the wonder and

awe that you felt when holding something that, just a few minutes ago, was a part

of you. What came next was just as amazing. Over a significant period

of time, the tooth would grow back and be replaced! For a child, it’s exciting

evidence that human beings are able to heal themselves. And, for children who

grew up hearing the tooth fairy fantasy, every tooth lost becomes a financial

opportunity. This process of lost teeth and discovery will occur twenty times,

once for every baby tooth you lose.

After your baby teeth are replaced with thirty two adult teeth, the prospect of your

teeth growing back disappears. As adults, we learn that our teeth won’t grow

back if something happens to them. This can become a significant source of

anxiety for some people, especially if they have little knowledge of dental health.

This is where a specialist called a dentist comes in. Dentists are trained with

extensive knowledge on teeth and other oral functions like the gums and your

mouth’s nervous system. Like any doctor, a dentist is a major benefit to our

society as they are well trained and knowledgeable in a particular topic. As

something we use every day, our mouth is a critical aspect of how we function.

From our speech to how we eat, it’s all dictated by the state of our oral health.

Dentists have been a part of society since before the agricultural revolution. The

evidence of the oldest known dental care provider is thousands of years old. The

evolution of dentistry is fascinating and has remained a benefit for mankind since

its inception. With the advent of x-ray and power tool technology, coupled with

the understanding of anesthesiology, dentistry has grown by leaps and bounds.

X-rays are used by a dentist to view problems within the mouth and allow

dentists to see through the skin and teeth to identify any problems with the inner

tooth or gums. Power tools have made dentist’s work faster and more efficient.

Where a dentist needed to prop a patient’s mouth open to use a drill powered by

a hand crank, now a patient only needs to open their mouth for a few minutes for

the dentist to fix the issue. The power tool technology helped revolutionize

dentistry by speeding up the processes of drilling and filling cavities. It also

allowed powered brushing and made the teeth whitening process faster and

easier. Most dentists have an understanding of anesthesiology, or the study and

practice of using anesthetics. If not they will hire a licensed anesthesiologist who

can properly administer the numbing agent. Anesthetics are used in dentistry to

remove pain or discomfort from a patient during normally painful procedures.

All of these ideas and practices are taught to dentists during their education.

People in the dental industry are well trained professionals who have gone

through exhaustive training to make sure they are well prepared to deal with their

patient’s needs and answer their questions. Like most doctor’s, visiting the

dentist can at times be therapeutic. Dentists are often charismatic or polite

people who are able to make their patients feel comfortable in an uncomfortable

position or situation. It’s because of this comfort that patients will return to the

same dentist throughout the years.

Dentists also offer the chance for an individual to increase their self-confidence.

Teeth, for some people, are a sensitive topic. There are people who are self-

conscious about the look of their teeth and can even develop unhealthy habits to

hide it from view. A dentist can help alleviate this self-conscious behavior by

offering several solutions. If a person grinds or bites down on their teeth, in time it

can cause their teeth to erode or chip. Dentists can fix this problem by

prescribing mouth guards if the grinding occurs during sleep. If the problem was

a temporary one, dentists can provide crowns to the teeth to replace their original

length. If a person’s self-consciousness stems from a yellowing of the teeth or

excessive plaque, the dentist can prescribe a program to help them achieve

whiter, healthier teeth, such as  teeth cleaning services  and whitening.

The dentist provides many services that help society and people in general.