Increasing Your Practice’s Productivity

When talking about business productivity, you’re usually either referring to the resources you have at hand to conduct operations, or to you or your employees’ daily schedules and keeping on task. Both are essential to keeping a business running at peak level and in business markets that are fiercely competitive, such as dental care, you can’t afford to drop production from peak level. Here’s a few tips that should be followed both in resource operations and employee tasks to maintain high production.

Keep Your User Technology Up To Date

While updating your workstations, servers and mobile platforms does cost money, it’s critical to keeping your business in the lead and preventing slowdowns during the day. After all, if you’re still using old computer systems while your competitors are moving into the future, you will more than likely find yourself on the losing end. Sometimes there is a learning curve to new systems , but that’s why its important that you and your IT department invest the right amount of time and money into the best technology that can boost your operations. If necessary you can consult with technology research companies to help select good systems.

Eliminate Wasteful Operations And Possibly Replace Them With Outsourcing

Sometimes, a good way to maximize production is to hire another company that specializes in a certain service normally performed by employees. Not only could it save your company money, but by allowing you and your staff to focus on other important areas, you may find your business can get more done in a day. It’s a good idea to audit your business from time to time to see whether or not an area can be eliminated or dropped down the list of priorities if its not the key source of revenue or a large part of normal daily operations.

Change The Employee Activities And Culture Of Your Workplace

The most important part of your business productivity is your people, and as the owner or executive of your company, sometimes you need to enact some changes in the workplace atmosphere to make for better production. A culture where employees are happy to come work and have distractions minimized will lead to even more output. There are things you can do in your daily schedule to increase employee production and build a solid work atmosphere.

1. Focus On Positive Feedback To Balance Out The Negatives
Part of staying productive is making sure your employees are motivated to keep working. The way to keep them engaged is to make sure they’re getting positive feedback for things they do right and are earning promotions when possible. High employee overturn will lead to low workplace production.


2. Encourage Healthy Lifestyles For Your Employees
Sometimes the biggest inhibitors to good workplace production can be employees living unhealthy lives. It can be good to have programs and initiatives for your employees to be eating right, getting plenty of exercise and even getting enough sleep. Getting a good start to the day is usually the best way to make it productive throughout.


3. Go Off Script Once In A While
While we can very well get comfortable with routines, sometimes changing them up once in a while can make the day better for you, your employees, and even your patients. Sometimes you need to use unconventional methods at work such as humor or team-building activities. A little excitement can definitely lead to great employee motivation instead of having a routine that’s too normal and sometimes dry.

According to Dr. Mitesh Dhulab, a dentist in Matthews NC, increasing the productivity of every area of your practice can be essential to remaining competitive in your area. Not only is more overall work being completed, you will see your team working to the best of their abilities, and in turn, are guaranteed to see a boost in patient satisfaction.